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MoneyBoss transforms your life by releasing limiting beliefs on money and providing financial education that matters.


  • Financial knowledge is often taught at home including our habits and beliefs. Even as adults, the financial industry is often complicated and scary.
  • At MoneyBoss, we simplify everything you need to know about money so that you can feel empowered and confident in your wealth building journey.  
  • Life is short yet we spend most of our time working for money. We want to help you learn how to make money work for you and achieve financial freedom so that you can free up time, do what you love with people you love, and live life to your fullest potential.


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MoneyBoss's mission is to provide financial education so that ANYONE can achieve financial freedom. 

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At MoneyBoss, anyone can learn to achieve Financial Freedom. 

Your upbringing, ethnicity, gender or career shouldn't be the determinant factor of your wealth. 

Are you currently tired of: 

  • Living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Stuck at a miserable job but you can't leave because it pays the bills?
  • Wishing you could afford a better life for you and your family?
  • Wanting to invest but don't know where to start?
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"It is Possible to Live the Life You Want AND Have Money Work for You!"

Novell Loh, MoneyBoss Co-Founder.
Finance Director turned Professional Latin Dancer. 

We Have All The Tools You Need to Become a MoneyBoss.

Why MoneyBoss?

  • We relate to your pain points and we are living proof of our methods. 
  • We provide you with fundamental knowledge (Money IQ) that is simple and easy to understand so you can master it and make powerful decisions for your financial future.
  • We work to remove your unconscious money blocks (Money EQ) so you can have a thriving money relationship. 
  • We focus on actions with big impact


No One Cares About Your Money More Than You Do. 

How to Start?

Hall of MoneyBosses

Rob H. 
(Life Coach)

Tripled my income after 3 months with MoneyBoss and discovered my biggest Money EQ breakthrough in the last decade.


(Make-Up Artist)

In 5 months - From all cash to now making recurring investments in my Roth IRA, REIT, crypto and dividend stocks! 


Deb S.
(Ice Skating Coach)

Started investing in crypto and retirement planning. Reduced risks via diversifying previously concentrated stock investment!


Esther F. 
(Medical Scientist)

Started investing in my retirement and brokerage accounts, weekly deposits into a robo advisor. Also purchased my dream home!

Kerri C. & Mike 
(Small Business Owner)

We make better financial decisions now. Just paid off debt for two new trucks and became a new land owner! Now saving for a home. 

Michelle T. 
(Handbag Designer)

Husband and I now do a quarterly net worth review together and we started investing in ETFs and crypto.

Sandy C.
(Special Ed Teacher)

Negotiated and saved $5k -- paid off car debt! Tackling other debt aggressively and for the first time, I now believe I can truly achieve financial freedom.

Yecca Z. 
(Fashion Designer)

Started doing Monthly Net Worth calculation and having clarity into her Finances. Maxed out 401(K) contribution after MoneyCFO course.


David M. 
(Psychologist and PSYFI Founder)

Paid off my student loans after 15 years and now debt-free! Found a trusted financial advisor and regained confidence with investing after being burned.

Richard A. 
(Engineer & Plumber)

Liquidated my underperforming funds and reinvested in diversified high growth US stocks. Now working on passive rental income for retirement!

Emily T. 
(Stunt Actor)

Doubled my net worth in 3 months and bought my first stock and ETF! Now I even use limit orders and technical analysis!


Lily M.
(Information Technology)

Increased my savings rate from 15% to 30% after I took the CFO class. I also had a career change and the class helped me navigate that decision, now I earn 21% more.

Kina P.
(TV & Film)

Refinanced my mortgage that reduced our interest rate by over 3%! Used that savings to invest more with a reallocated retirement portfolio.

(Strategy Consultant)

Was afraid to invest and left a lot of money in cash. Now I've invested in ETFs, REITs, and enjoy spending time on personal finances!

Be a MoneyBoss

Make Money Work for You, So You Can Do What You Love!

Common Money and Investing Myths

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MoneyBoss LLC is a financial education company. Our mission is provide financial education so ANYONE can achieve financial freedom. 
We aim at providing financial literacy to our clients so they can make informed and smart decisions on their financial journey. We are NOT financial advisors and do not seek to recommend or solicit financial products.